Angry Gran

Angry Gran 1.0.10

Go on a mugging rampage - as an old lady!


  • Funny
  • Lots of weapons and power-ups
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Great sound effects


  • No instructions
  • Annoying music


Angry Gran is an original, funny, but violent game for iOS. You play as an old lady who must go on a mugging spree to supplement her pension.

How to play Angry Gran

Angry Gran is a side-scrolling beat-em-up. The granny automatically walks to the right and must bash passers by and objects such as benches and phone booths to collect enough coins before reaching each checkpoint in order to keep going. A record is kept of the number of checkpoints you pass through and the object is to pass through as many as you can. Angry Gran speeds up the further you get.

The further you go the more money you'll collect, which you can exchange for different weapons. There are some great arms in Angry Gran, including a fly swatter, walking stick, baguette, skateboard, and more. Angry Gran supports in-app purchases where you can buy more coins in order to get the better weapons and remove the very intrusive ads.

There are no instructions for Angry Gran but you'll learn that the secret is to hold your finger down in order to build up enough power for a 'charge', which brings you more coins per hit. It's all about timing because if you miss a target you'll end up smacking yourself on the head and will be out of action for a few seconds. Similarly, if you hit a policeman you'll be put in a straight-jacket for a few seconds.

How does it look?

Angry Gran is great fun to play with some hilarious visuals. Watch as the granny scares the life out of businessmen, posh young ladies and streetwise youths. The screams of terror as she bashes them are a delight.

The music in Angry Gran is very repetitive and is essentially just one rap song played on an endless loop. This gets so infuriating that you'll want to bash yourself on the head with a rolled-up newspaper too.

Although Angry Gran is ultimately very repetitive, it's worth checking out if only for humor value.

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Angry Gran


Angry Gran 1.0.10

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